Kim Noll,LMT,cPT
About the Practitioner

Kim's life up to the present day, has been filled with experiences that have led her to the growth in her wellness profession. She states, "I am grateful for handfuls of influential and inspiring individuals that have motivated me along the way! My parents that dedicated 6 years to getting me to gymnastics practice, my great grandmother who encouraged me to continue my path towards a wellness career, and my grandpa who taught me that life is a VERB!"  At age 10, Kim was learning then what she has realized today. Kim says, "The body is flexible and able to adapt to change, so move it often, care for your mind, body and spirit to continue to nurture that growth to fully feel your best!"

Kim's successful gymnastics career ended with an unexpected injury called, bursitis, also known as bunions on her feet. The pressure to compete while feeling discomfort from the impact that she often endured was the turning point to which Kim stepped down from the podium to fuel her passion to make a difference for others. Kim enthusiastically says, "Little did I know, that 10 years later, I would be continuing the path of Medical Gymnastics!" She began to study Swedish Massage, which was developed in the early 19 th century by Pehr Henrik Ling (1776-1839), a Swedish physiologist and gymnastics instructor. According to Ling, Medical Gymnastics were gymnastics  "by which, either alone, in a suitable position, or with the assistance of others, we try by means of influencing movements to alleviate or overcome the sufferings that have arisen through abnormal conditions." Kim soon became a licensed massage therapist with 750 hours of advanced training at The Lauterstein-Conway Massage School in Austin, Texas. Almost 20 years later, Kim has cultivated her profession and planted her business, Inspira Wellness,LLC, in her hometown of Pleasant Hill, Ohio. Always growing and helping others, Kim continues her education that involves true wellness for the body, mind and spirit. Currently, Kim is certified as a personal fitness trainer with the American College of Sports Medicine, and MediCupping- Vacutherapy with ACE Massage Cupping. Kim is an influential public speaker, a member of Young Living, Enagic- Kangen water and the Assiociated Bodywork of Massage Professionals.

Lastly, Kim would like to express, "I am dedicated to practice mindfulness for an abundant 'wellness' lifestlye, then I can care more deeply for my family and my community which bridges my passion to help inspire others to live their passions!"

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