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Swedish Massage: light to medium pressure giving the ultimate experience of renewal and rejuvenation. This massage is highly therapeutic and relaxing for mental and physical stress.

Sports & Fitness Massage: an upbeat Swedish massage focused on specific muscle groups used in sport and fitness activity. This bodywork helps speed up recovery time and decreases chance of injury with stretching and range of motion techniques. 

Deep Massage-The Lauterstein-Method: A unique method for advanced structural bodywork engaging the connective tissue and parasympathetic nervous system. Personalized sessions based on structural analysis creating a new awareness of chronic and acute muscle behavior. 

Pre-Natal Massage: Tailored specifically to the needs of pregnant women and their changing bodies. Helps ease sore spots, improve circulation, reduce swelling and improve muscle tone.

ACE MediCupping-VacuTherapy: a results orientated technique used with cups and a therapeutic grade machine with multiple modes and varient suction levels. This negative pressure helps pull out inflammation, mobilize stagnation, reduce pain, lessen adhesions, soften scar tissue, increase lymph drainage, help with solid bloat, lessen triggers for people recovering from substance abuse, eliminate debris/toxins, pre- and post surgery recovery, and much much more!

Face Lifting and Drainage: with the use of MediCupping Therapy in accumulative sessions, help to drain excess fluid out of swollen areas in the face, relieve sinuses, smooth fine lines, increase the tone of collagen fibers of the skin and improve the vitality  and natural glow of your face.

 ACE MediCupping Body Cocoon: 

Stop Smoking Wraps- MediCupping Therapy used to carry lymph fluid to the main drop sites of the body and help eliminate triggers down the cellular level. Essential oil blends specific for lungs, insomnia, irritability, and toxin release are integrated for a successful treatment plan of 10 sessions for optimal results. Each session is 2 hours, given 2 times per week for 5 weeks. Face Lift and Drainage are included in all wraps.

Body Reducing Wraps- ACE MediCupping Therapy is used to carry stagnant lymph fluid to main drop sites of the body that help eliminate Solid Bloat. Essential oil blends specific for cellulite, diuretic, toning, and toxin release are integrated for a successful treatment plan of 10 sessions for optimal results. Each session is 2 hours, given 2 times per week for 5 weeks. Face Lift and Drainage is included in all wraps.

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